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What is the monsoon and what are its effects?

The monsoon is a large-scale air circulation that occurs in many regions of the tropics and subtropics. There, it provides precipitation that is partly essential for survival. In this MeteoBlog we take a closer look at this complex system and show typical characteristics of different monsoon regions of the world. Finally, we discuss some expected changes of this weather phenomenon in connection with climate change.

Adrienne Wehrli


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The 2011 Super Outbreak

Especially during spring and early summer, severe thunderstorms with tornadoes form in North America with more or less regularity. While most of these events produce "merely" a handful of tornadoes, extreme events can occur if the constellation of pressure distribution, wind shear, and moisture is ideal for the storms. The most devastating and very deadly tornado outbreak to date occurred exactly 12 years ago. Within 4 days 362 tornadoes formed!

Michael Eichmann