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What can be seen?

Weather condition
If possible, we calculate a weather symbol from the measured values of the weather stations, which depicts the current weather conditions.
The air temperature is measured at a height of 2 metres above the ground. The temperature sensor is protected from solar radiation and is also partially ventilated in order to measure values as accurately as possible without heat radiation. We calculate the minimum and maximum air temperature throughout the day.
air pressure
The air pressure is reduced to sea level so that the values from the stations at different altitudes can be compared. Regions with low air pressure usually get unsettled weather with wind, rain or snow. Regions with high air pressure are usually characterised by dry weather and sunshine. The average air pressure is 1013.25 hPa.
Air humidity indicates the quantity of gaseous water present in the air, in relation to the maximum possible water vapour content (which depends on the air temperature), i.e. the value at which the air reaches saturation point. When the humidity reaches 100%, the air is saturated and dew, fog or clouds form.
dew point
The dew point is the temperature at which the air can cool to 100% humidity. If the dew point is reached, fog or clouds will form.
We cumulate the measured sunshine duration over different periods of time.
This measured value shows the amount of precipitation that has fallen. This can be rain,